Sunday, January 3, 2010

Items For Sale

Mini Pail 3pcs RM10.00
Boleh Campur2..

Bekas Telur RM5.00

Vase rm5.00

Watering can RM5.00 Sold

Vase Watering Can RM15.00

Toilet Boys RM15.00

W.C. Boys RM10.00 Sold

W.C. Boys RM10.00

W.C. Girls RM10.00 sold

W.C. Girls RM10.00

Toilet Girls RM15.00

Welcome Boys RM15.00

Welcome Girls Love RM15.00

Welcome Girls RM15.00

Welcome Itik RM20.00

Rack Besi RM25.00

Frame F01 RM10.00

Frame F02 RM10.00

Frame F03 RM10.00

Pillow RM15.00

Table Runner RM28.00 (A)

Table Runner RM28.00 (B)

Plate Rose RM5.00

Birdcage RM5.00

Vase RM8.00 1pcs
A, B sold, C sold, D & E

Chocolate Plate RM10.00

Box 1set RM35.00

Table Mat RM8.00

Topiary Pillow RM18.00

Tin 1set 25.00 (A)

Tin 1set RM25.00 (B)

Tin 1pcs RM10.00

Tin 1set RM25.00 (C) Sold

Country Kitchen RM40.00 sold

Tray RM37.00

Wooden Jaring Basket Ayam RM40.00 (A)

Wooden Jaring Basket Ayam RM30.00 (B)

Spice Rack Ayam Botol RM52.00

Rack Sudut Atas & Bawah RM60.00

Plate Rose RM10.00

Plate Coklat Rose RM20.00

Box Kain RM25.00

Jam Gantung RM80.00

Candle Holder RM30.00

Jug RM25.00

Box Bunga Rose RM30.00

Welcome RM20.00 Sold

Mangkuk RM10.00

Rack Rumah RM100.00

Plate RM10.00

Kotak Tissu RM20.00 sold

Vase RM15.00 sold

Welcome bird RM20.00

Welcome RM20.00


  1. akum...papan welcome yg panjang tu ada stk lagi tak

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